The Poison Of SIN

Posted: January 17, 2016 by CatholicJules in Personal Thoughts & Reflections

Like a disease it can spread rather swiftly to others. For instance when one allows himself or herself to be consumed with rage and starts lashing out others. Soon vulgarities are allowed to flow and self control goes out the window.

People on the receiving end either react immediately to the onslaught with outrage. Or some hold it in with no choice but to allow the venom to fester and soon overwhelm them. Others who seek the Lord for comfort will get it but then over time as the onslaught continues it wears them down. They may choose to seek sinful distractions as a result.

Sin blinds and lures you as far as possible away from God our Father. It opens Pandora’s box to more evil. To keep you further distracted, evil plants doubts, shame even depression. And so most stray further thinking they are not worthy of forgiveness.

Jesus came for us sinners, to free us from such bondages. Let us always turn to Him knowing He is waiting to embrace us in reconciliation. Amen

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