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A little about Our Christian Community

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Our History

The group started somewhere in 2010 a year after Seth and Bryan’s first Holy Communion and it was then called CNC 500 (Christian neighbourhood community) not officially registered with our parish till much later.

About a year or two later the name was changed to CNC 500 LTW to distinguish ourselves from the rest of the CNC 500 groups.

The main focus of the group was to build up our faith as a small group and to support one another in our faith journey.

Three main families made up the group (Juan’s, Irene’s and ours) with one or two more joining us occasionally. (Grace’s and Johana’s)

When we first started it was definitely a struggle because none of us at that time was well versed in scripture nor did we know each other very well. Moreover we all had our own busy schedules to keep. But the Lord kept us together and we saw the spiritual growth and love for one another.

Soon it was time to invite a few more but only a handful responded.Two or three who did respond stuck with us as the months passed because they too started experiencing the joy of our Lord present with His community. John one of our avid members felt prompted to start his own group which he did successfully.Still he finds time to join his LTW family whenever he is able to.

As we all journeyed on together we felt the love between all of us grow as the group sharings too became very personal.The sharing of our joys, sorrows, difficulties and personal testimonies of how our Lord has touched us in our lives; help our faith grow exponentially.

It is with this faith and desire to grow deeper in every aspect that it was time as a group to be more inclusive and inviting. We could not remain or be seen as exclusive if we truly wanted to be disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ.

And that is how we have become what we are today. A SCC (small Christian community) striving to daily live the word of God.By the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ we will continue to grow and lead one another closer towards our heavenly inheritance.

Our Mission And Prayer

We are many parts with many gifts and talents but One Body in Christ Jesus our Lord. We live not for ourselves but for one another with full knowledge that there is no communion without sacrifice. God our Father’s love for us is such that He Wills the good in us. So too do we live and love in that same manner, willing the good in others. We are a family striving each day to live the Word of God our Father in our daily lives. We encourage and support one another knowing that our Lord Jesus is with us every step of the way. His peace, love mercy and grace is upon us. Now and forever. Amen

On Today’s Gospel

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Do not rationalise with sin or be tempted to use personal wisdom and logic to dissuade you from following the truth.

Neither should you be content to put your faith in men or trophies to bring you happiness. Do not break the heart of the Lord Your God, who wills not that you should perish into nothingness by your heinous choices to sin.

Put all your faith and trust in the Lord Your God whom has sent the greatest sign of His love for us; Jesus His only begotten Son our Lord and Saviour.  For to believe in Him and His Word is to have eternal life. 

Lord Jesus, You truly are the bread of life who nourishes me. I place all my faith and trust in You. Glory to You O Lord. Amen

First reading
Exodus 32:7-14

The Lord spoke to Moses, ‘Go down now, because your people whom you brought out of Egypt have apostatised. They have been quick to leave the way I marked out for them; they have made themselves a calf of molten metal and have worshipped it and offered it sacrifice. “Here is your God, Israel,” they have cried “who brought you up from the land of Egypt!”’ the Lord said to Moses, ‘I can see how headstrong these people are! Leave me, now, my wrath shall blaze out against them and devour them; of you, however, I will make a great nation.’

  But Moses pleaded with the Lord his God. ‘Lord,’ he said ‘why should your wrath blaze out against this people of yours whom you brought out of the land of Egypt with arm outstretched and mighty hand? Why let the Egyptians say, “Ah, it was in treachery that he brought them out, to do them to death in the mountains and wipe them off the face of the earth”? Leave your burning wrath; relent and do not bring this disaster on your people. Remember Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, your servants to whom by your own self you swore and made this promise: I will make your offspring as many as the stars of heaven, and all this land which I promised I will give to your descendants, and it shall be their heritage for ever.’

  So the Lord relented and did not bring on his people the disaster he had threatened.

John 5:31-47

Jesus said to the Jews:

‘Were I to testify on my own behalf, my testimony would not be valid; but there is another witness who can speak on my behalf, and I know that his testimony is valid.

You sent messengers to John,
and he gave his testimony to the truth: not that I depend on human testimony; no, it is for your salvation that I speak of this.

John was a lamp alight and shining and for a time you were content to enjoy the light that he gave.

But my testimony is greater than John’s: the works my Father has given me to carry out, these same works of mine testify that the Father has sent me.

Besides, the Father who sent me bears witness to me himself.

You have never heard his voice, you have never seen his shape, and his word finds no home in you because you do not believe in the one he has sent.

‘You study the scriptures,
believing that in them you have eternal life; now these same scriptures testify to me,
and yet you refuse to come to me for life!

As for human approval, this means nothing to me.

Besides, I know you too well: you have no love of God in you.

I have come in the name of my Father and you refuse to accept me; if someone else comes in his own name you will accept him.

How can you believe, since you look to one another for approval and are not concerned with the approval that comes from the one God?

Do not imagine that I am going to accuse you before the Father: you place your hopes on Moses, and Moses will be your accuser.

If you really believed him you would believe me too, since it was I that he was writing about; but if you refuse to believe what he wrote, how can you believe what I say?’