Jesus My Treasure

Posted: October 7, 2016 by CatholicJules in Life's Journeys

In a recent retreat we were told to go out and search for what we considered our treasure and bring it back. I had already decided in my mind that I already carried my treasure with me and that it was my faith and love for Jesus.

Still I decided to go along with whatever it was. So as I walked I found a strip of paper with a scripture message, it read ‘Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and salvation shall come to your home.’ taken from Acts. I walked on further and found another strip and after reading it I decided to stop looking for any others. It read, ‘The Lord is my shepherd I lack nothing.’

Since there was quite a fair bit of time I decided to explore the surrounding areas that is when I found a door which read ‘Prayer Room’ I entered it and my heart skipped a beat when I found Jesus! There He was in the form of the Blessed Sacrament. It was a small room but the layout was simply mesmerising.

The Blessed Sacrament rested on a chest high glass column. Just below it streamed water falling into a mini pond. (it was like living water flowing from the heart of Jesus) The backdrop was a forest motif. On the right hand side of the pond rest two statuettes of lambs, one standing the other resting on its tummy. On the left hand side of the pond was a big book of scripture opened over a rock. Just behind it was an oriental shaped lamp. I so badly wanted to take a picture but as I didn’t have a camera I got my notebook and did a rough sketch. Wish I had more of an artistic bone….

Finding Jesus there was the best part of the retreat and whatever spare time I had, I spent it with Him!

Praise the Lord! Thank you Jesus!

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