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On Today’s Gospel 

Posted: March 29, 2017 by CatholicJules in Personal Thoughts & Reflections

There is no greater experience of love than that,which comes from our one triune God. Jesus is God’s love personified.

He has come to set prisoners and the downtrodden free. To bring comfort and healing to all who are in need. Most of all to bring those who desire and believe in Him into eternal life.

Let us stop thinking of ourselves as wiser, better informed or even deserving of more. Where has it gotten us? How much have we grown in our faith? Or love for one another?

Let us instead be obedient and submit wholly to the will of our Heavenly Father and we will be with Jesus in paradise. Amen

First reading
Isaiah 49:8-15

Thus says the Lord:

At the favourable time I will answer you, on the day of salvation I will help you. (I have formed you and have appointed you as covenant of the people.)
I will restore the land and assign you the estates that lie waste. I will say to the prisoners, ‘Come out’, to those who are in darkness, ‘Show yourselves.’

On every roadway they will graze, and each bare height shall be their pasture. They will never hunger or thirst,
scorching wind and sun shall never plague them; for he who pities them will lead them
and guide them to springs of water. I will make a highway of all the mountains, and the high roads shall be banked up.

Some are on their way from afar, others from the north and the west, others from the land of Sinim. Shout for joy, you heavens; exult, you earth!
You mountains, break into happy cries! For the Lord consoles his people and takes pity on those who are afflicted.

For Zion was saying, ‘The Lord has abandoned me, the Lord has forgotten me.’Does a woman forget her baby at the breast, or fail to cherish the son of her womb? Yet even if these forget, I will never forget you.

John 5:17-30

Jesus said to the Jews, ‘My Father goes on working, and so do I.’ But that only made them even more intent on killing him, because, not content with breaking the sabbath, he spoke of God as his own Father, and so made himself God’s equal.
To this accusation Jesus replied:

‘I tell you most solemnly,
the Son can do nothing by himself; he can do only what he sees the Father doing:and whatever the Father does the Son does too.
For the Father loves the Son
and shows him everything he does himself, and he will show him even greater things than these, works that will astonish you.
Thus, as the Father raises the dead and gives them life, so the Son gives life to anyone he chooses;for the Father judges no one; he has entrusted all judgement to the Son, so that all may honour the Son as they honour the Father.
Whoever refuses honour to the Son refuses honour to the Father who sent him. I tell you most solemnly, whoever listens to my words, and believes in the one who sent me, has eternal life;without being brought to judgement he has passed from death to life.
I tell you most solemnly, the hour will come– in fact it is here already– when the dead will hear the voice of the Son of God, and all who hear it will live.
For the Father, who is the source of life, has made the Son the source of life;and, because he is the Son of Man,has appointed him supreme judge.
Do not be surprised at this, for the hour is coming when the dead will leave their graves
at the sound of his voice:
those who did good will rise again to life;and those who did evil, to condemnation.
I can do nothing by myself; I can only judge as I am told to judge, and my judging is just,
because my aim is to do not my own will,but the will of him who sent me.’