Love of my Lord

Posted: August 26, 2017 by CatholicJules in Life's Journeys

The Lord shows His great love in many different and varied ways.

The night before I had sinned in word and deed and was devastated that I had let Him down by succumbing to my rage. The guilt was overwhelming and I wanted to give up! But I clung to the promise of our Lord’s faithfulness and prayed for His mercy. Then I decided to praise Him and continue to pray fervently while waiting to go for reconciliation. 
Attended the New Wine Conference 2 today and during the morning session I received a prayer request from a dear sister in Christ to pray for the soul of her husband who passed on in a room in Genting apparently from undetected lung cancer. I prayed straightway and offered to lift him up in prayer during the Eucharistic Celebration.

Later in the early afternoon, I received a handwritten message requesting for guidance as a fellow sister in Christ was taking up a leadership role in her ministry. I agreed her to help to the best of my ability.

I had stopped asking the question why me? For quite a long time now so instead I will just say thank you Lord for the opportunity and guide me to do Your will as You would have it be done.

The Lord granted my desire for reconciliation as Father absolved me after lunch during a private reconciliation session. I was FREE to receive Him fully in His love at the Eucharist.

After the conference I decided to attend the 3rd Anniversary of the consecration of my Parish’s Eucharistic Celebration. I realised I had a second opportunity to lift the soul of brother Vincent during the Eucharist which I did. The celebration was awesome because of the love of the community, so many familial faces looking back at me with reciprocrated love. Then during Holy Communion I had the opportunity of receiving Jesus from the hands of a beautiful young lady faithful to Christ. Also whom I have been journeying closely with. When I looked up at her after bowing to Christ, she broke down a little while she placed Jesus unto my palm. Didn’t get a chance to ask her why? But I felt His love through her.

All the different opportunities and varied encounters today, I see as His great love for me.

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