My little Angel… 

Posted: December 12, 2017 by CatholicJules in Life's Journeys

12 Dec 2017 – After having breakfast with my six year old daughter, I decided to bring her to the zoo. Left home at about 1025hrs and spent about 5 hours there. Tracked about 12000 steps in total. After having something light at the coffee shop and buying dinner in advance we got home about 4pm. Was feeling exhausted and a little queasy. Hannah complained about having a headache so I gave her some medication.

Was thinking of having an early night when my little angel asked if we could go to church for mass! Tried to convince her that we could go tomorrow and that I was feeling unwell. But she was adamant that we go. I took it that the Lord wanted me to go since I had planned to go in the morning. Besides He knew I needed to see Him in reconciliation.

When we got to church, we stopped at the Grotto to pray a Hail Mary. As I was about to leave, Hannah called me back as she was not done. She prayed for mummy and her brothers safe return from their respective trips. And added I want to kiss and hug mummy because I miss her so much. Mummy was on a mission trip to Sri Lanka returning only Saturday. While her brothers were returning on Sunday from a holiday in Korea.

Managed to do a reconciliation before the devotion to St Anthony began followed by the Eucharistic Celebration. I am truly blessed and pray that Hannah will continue to be faithful throughout her life.

Glory be to the Holy Trinity. Amen

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