My reflections for 4th Sunday of Advent 

Posted: December 23, 2017 by CatholicJules in Personal Thoughts & Reflections

My reflections for the 4th Sunday of Advent

We often times have very good intentions and want to do things that seemingly would please the Lord. Instead of seeking His will for us and waiting on Him to guide our steps. Do this frequently enough, we may become compromised and become spiritually narcisstic. “I will not sit at the table with sinners because the Lord is telling me that I am set apart to do great things for Him.” Really? Is this truly what the Lord wants? Or does He intend that you lead them out of their sinful ways? Even the prophet Nathan thought David’s idea to build the Lord’s house was good one. But as the Lord says it clearly my ways are not your ways! Instead the Lord tells David His plans for Him and makes him a promise which the Jews held to and wrote down about five hundred years later to remind themselves even after the Davidic empire appeared to be totally wipe out. That the throne of David will be restored.

St Paul a scholar through the Holy Spirit recognised the fulfillment of the promises of God through our Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus is the Lord of all nations and so we should proclaim Him with great fervour to all non believers so that they too will have hope of eternal life.

Mary our Mother does not question the greeting nor the message from God, but accepted in obedience and full trust in the Lord our God even though she would not have understood the mystery yet to be revealed. In her purity she was chosen to be the living tabernacle of our Lord. Do we not see that we too are called to be likewise at every Eucharist? So that our Lord Jesus Christ can dwell in us. The Holy Spirit can live in us powerfully.

Another powerful message from the passage is that God can turn all curses into blessings. We who lead dry barren lives, who feel that we are at our wits end or that time for change is fleeting and hopeless, He the Lord can give us new life! For nothing is impossible for God. The new life we bring forth can become a powerful testimony of His great love and mercy.

Glory be to God in the highest. Amen
*Update 24 Dec *

In the homily today I heard another dimension of the first reading. David had it in his heart to do something good for the Lord His God, and God our Father knew the purity of his intentions, He however had other plans for David and will never be out done in goodness. His promises to David was beyond his imagination. God alone is wisdom so let us pray for His wisdom to rule our hearts. Amen

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