Quick Reflection on Community 2018

Posted: January 17, 2018 by CatholicJules in Life's Journeys, Personal Thoughts & Reflections

If we are truly living our faith can we ever say that we are all alone and that we have to struggle on our own to be steadfast in our faith?

If we are alone it is by choice. If we choose to be exclusive then our mercy and love is exclusive. Are we then in sync with Christ’s teachings?

For starters our One triune ever living God is a community of three persons. Every Sunday at the Eucharist celebration we profess one faith, we are one body in Christ and receive Holy Communion. So when then are we ever alone?

This is still the beginning of the year, be part of a community in Christ, if you do not already belong to one. Invite your family members too. For it is through a community that we are truly Saints in the making.

Love in Christ,

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