Reflection On My Personal Lenten Journey

Posted: March 10, 2018 by CatholicJules in Life's Journeys, Personal Thoughts & Reflections

This Lenten journey for me has been by far the most difficult in the last five years. Up to last year it was wonderful and always brought me closer to the Lord come Easter. This year’s journey was a real struggle with the increase workload in the office and spiritual dryness.

The only thing that really kept me going was the two Catholic communities I belong too and have the honour and privilege of serving. And of course realising I sorely needed constant spiritual nourishment, I would go to great lengths and distances to attend the Eucharistic Celebration as often and regularly as I can.

Then I was given the opportunity to write intercessory prayers based on our Holy father’s 2018 Lenten Message for a short one hour segment in our Archdiocese 24hr Adoration of our Lord. Busy as I was, I struggled and wrote out 13 prayers. But it turned out that there were themes and 12 scripture passages that the prayers should naturally come out from deep reflection. And I had basically two and a half days balance to do them as required. It was a challenge and sacrifices had to be made, in so doing I managed to complete them. Then I was asked if I was available to recite them after the scripture passage was proclaimed. I was more than happy to serve in any capacity. Praise the Lord all went well. Apparently there were about three power trips before I came, one after our session and two more in between. Then I was asked if I could chant and would be willing to lead the divine mercy prayer session. I shuddered at the thought because I do not pray it regularly and have only done so twice before at funerals. Somehow one of the dear ladies got a printout of the prayers and handed it to me. So I decided to just trust in the Lord and go with it! Praise the Lord for the many seasoned prayer warriors of the divine mercy in the congregation for our voices filled the cathedral with such ardour.

As I prayed quietly alone after, I received overwhelming consolations. Thank You Jesus! Lent towards Easter is looking up already…

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