Open My eyes to see You Lord

Posted: May 10, 2018 by CatholicJules in Life's Journeys

Open my eyes to see You Lord…

So two weeks ago I went for my annual foot and eye check up as part of the diabetes follow up regime. The clinic tech took snapshots of my eyes and told me if they did not call or message me then everything was fine.

Last week however I got a message to see a specialist for a follow up assessment on the eyes. Well of course I was a little concerned but decided to leave it in the hands of the Lord. So this morning I showed at the specialist clinic which had a very peaceful ambience. There was even a station to make a cuppa nescafe ☕.

So I made myself one and took out my copy of the Catholic news to read. A lady patient who had just come out of the doctor’s office sat opposite me and told me that the doctor is Catholic too. So I asked if she might be a fellow sister in Christ and found out that she is a parishioner of Our Lady Star of the Sea. But because there are renovation works going on, she attends the Eucharist at Holy Spirit Church. We chatted for a while before it was my turn to see the doctor. I quickly introduced myself and she shared that her name is Nellie.

The doctor 😷 was a pleasant and rather friendly chap. After the initial check up he told me all looked good but that they would have to dilate my eyes to check deeper. After about half an hour I went back in for a further examination. He then asked if my previous doctor mentioned or checked for glaucoma? He told me it was probably nothing but I needed to get a photo scan to be sure. While waiting for it I prayed to the Lord to please let the results be clear. He had already showed Himself to me in Nellie and the doctor. And I wouldn’t want to have anything hamper me from serving Him fully. But then,His will be done.

While waiting for the doctor, Nellie who had already gone off, came back just to let me know that she was done at the clinic and was heading home. How sweet… I prayed for God’s blessings upon her as she left.

Saw the doctor and the results were negative, every thing was fine! Praise the Lord! ❤️ And so I fixed my appointment for next year.

How wonderful to be able to see God’s hand in everything. Alleluia!

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