A morning with our Blessed Mother

Posted: May 26, 2018 by CatholicJules in Life's Journeys, Personal Thoughts & Reflections

We decided today to attend the novena devotion at 11am St Alphonsus Church affectionately known as Novena Church. I wanted to go much earlier as I desired to go for the Sacrament of reconciliation before we left for our short family holiday next week.

However we only managed to reach the church at about 1030hrs. My wife and daughter went to the statue of our Lady to say a short prayer, while I reserved some seats for us. I was a little disappointed as they did not have a reconciliation session after the 1100hrs service. Then I saw Fr Peter Wee walk by and quickly ran after him requesting for the Sacrament. He kindly obliged and gave me
some very encouraging advice in the process. I must say he gave me the most lengthy penance I had ever been given in my life, part of it was to offer it up as prayers for the sick which I gladly did.

After the service we went to the religious store and I purchased a book, candles, some items for Hannah my daughter and a small beautiful statue of St Michael the Archangel. However we could not find a priest anywhere to bless them. They were probably out of early lunch. Again I was a little disappointed as it would have been nice to have a redemptorist priest bless the items not that it really mattered.

We walked to Novena square for lunch and Hannah decided that we should eat at Han’s. Midway through our lunch who should walk in and sit behind us? Fr Simon Tan from Novena Church. I asked if he could kindly bless the items we bought from church, again he readily obliged in the middle of Han’s restaurant. He jokingly said he did not think anyone would recognise him out of collar and that he too needed to eat outside once in a while. What a blessed day indeed to have such graces and blessings bestowed upon us. Amen

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