I Am Community

Posted: May 27, 2018 by CatholicJules in Life's Journeys

I AM Community…

Some time back I gave a short talk about being a loving, growing community. I began with sharing that the first community is the Holy Trinity. Three persons One God in an all loving, giving relationship. One in which all communities should emulate while they dwell on and in the mystery. Therefore a simple statement as I Am Community has greater depth in meaning and application.

A Community therefore can only grow in love if it responds to the call to love by the Holy Trinity.

How is that love expressed?

1. By making a commitment to come together in the presence of the Lord to pray and testify to His love.

2. To share our vulnerabilities and our hopes in the Risen Lord knowing that we do so on sacred ground bound in love for one another.

3. Putting aside all judgements of one another looking to the strengths that each of one poseseses instead of the weaknesses. Affirming one another while encouraging, nurturing the growth of our God given talents and gifts.

4. To always be outward looking as we spread the love we receive through our sharing in His love and to invite others to do the same.

5. To remain steadfast in prayer for one another and to fast when there are occasions that calls for fasting for one another.

6. To encourage one another to grow in our love and relationship with our Lord through His living Word.

7. To help and encourage one another to live His word in our lives.

I AM Community and so am I in Him. Are you? ❤️

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