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Leading one another into the sacred.

We all have a responsibility to help one another grow in our faith and in the deeper understanding of our Catholic traditions that draw us deeper into the sacred. Profoundly in the Eucharist celebration that is celebrated on hallowed ground.

So then when is it ever appropriate to dress down in Church in which Christ the Lord our God is most profoundly present especially in the blessed sacrament? When is it ever ok to stand in the sanctuary, before the altar of sacrifice or tabernacle and take selfies, wefies or group photos? How do we honour the Lord our God if we make no distinction or observe no reverence for what is sacred?

If we make the effort to learn about sacred liturgy it will draw us into a deeper appreciation and participation in the Eucharistic Celebration in which heaven and earth unites. Every gesture, posture, proclamations, responses and prayers lead us into Holy Communion with the Lord our God and one another.

We must keep ourselves constantly updated to learn and understand what is appropriate in the Eucharistic Celebration, the whys as well as the why nots. For example we should not clap our hands during the EC. Or while it would appear that we are one loving community when we hold hands while praying the our Father, it is not an appropriate gesture for the Eucharistic Celebration. We will find that over the years many had written to the Vatican to find out if it could be allowed and the answer had been consistently No. Another NO NO is the laity should never adopt the ouran position which is reserved only for consecrated ordained priests.

If we profess we love Jesus and that we are one Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, then we must be obedient unto Christ Jesus, our Pope His vicar and His Holy Church. We must never cease to learn and grow in our faith. Amen