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Blessed Sacrament Church

Posted: October 21, 2018 by CatholicJules in Life's Journeys, Personal Thoughts & Reflections

Loved this story that was told as part of the homily by Fr Anthony Hutjes at Blessed Sacrament Church. Basically the story was about a contest that was held in church to see who could recite Psalm 23 best. Two were chosen, one a famous actor and an ordinary lay person, a man of God. The actor went first and began, “The Lord is my shepherd… ” He did so with great finesse, and with a great voice. When he finished there was thunderous applause. Then it was the ordinary man’s turn. He got off to a clumsy start which drew giggles. But when he finished there was total silence. He recited it from his heart and with love for God. The actor turned to him and said, “I know the Psalm, you on the other hand know the shepherd.”

We can only deliver what we have, that is if we have a deep personal relationship with our Saviour then what we offer to His flock will be vastly different from those who only know about Him.

Anyhow the second thing I loved was the sound and reverberation of this beautiful Gong which was struck by an altar server on his knees during the elevation of the Eucharist. It was unique to me and simply beautiful. Glory and Praise to the Lord our God. Amen