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Peace everyone, today I did a recording of my sharing on Today’s readings and Gospel with my fellow stewards of the Banquet unscripted and unedited so if you’re interested to listen here it is…

Listen to Personal reflection on the 2nd Sun of Lent by Julian Tan 17 #np on #SoundCloud

By the way I missed out on sharing that the promise of God is indeed fulfilled in Abraham he is afterall Father of the Jews who believe in the One God, us Christians and the Muslims therefore billions round the globe and across the centuries! Praise God!

Then there is another thing about the revelation of our Risen Lord in His resurrected body. Today there is a fixation with zombies and vampires, in a sense which is satanic since it shows the opposite of what eternal life looks like. Zombies and vampires represent the distortion, the hideous side. The latter thirst for blood of humans to live as immortals. Jesus on the other hand gives us His blood and body, an unbloody sacrifice which gives us eternal life with Him. And we will rise in Him with resurrected bodies glowing with the glory of God. Amen