On Dressing Up

Posted: June 15, 2019 by CatholicJules in Life's Journeys

On Dressing up for the Eucharistic Celebration

Why make a big deal about dressing up for the Eucharistic Celebration? Afterall the Lord knows what is in my heart, he himself wore sandals and a robe! Those who insist we dress us are simply stiff necks who needs to get a life! Yes I can identify with all the above statements because I had uttered them myself. Such bravado comes from misplaced pride and certainly not from having any real relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.

As I was growing in my faith I decided to try and attend morning Mass as often as I could mostly on Saturdays. I even wore Bermudas or track pants from time to time. Slowly as I started growing in love with my Lord, I began to feel uneasy about simply dressing down instead of up. The reality sunk in that if He is truly the Lord of Lords, King of Kings in my mind and heart how could I not reverent Him as I should? How could I continue to take short cuts, cut corners in my faith. Was I not standing on sacred ground where my Lord resides?

We have a higher calling as disciples, to be witnesses of the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ working in our lives. Can we then show up to serve him in our sleeping attire, beach wear etc. instead of offering the very best of ourselves, morning, noon or night! Most church ministries will have their own code of conduct or handbook which members are required to adhere to as something basic and foundational. What good is it to have them if members do not see themselves as disciples after Christ obedient unto Him and the leaders He has sent?
We must know that we too can be sacraments of the faith we hold dear. An outward sign of an inward grace. By our dressing and our demeanour we can lead others into the sacred. Especially those of us who serve in ministry or some other ways in our Parish, we have to be aware that parishioners are observing us at all times whether we realise it or not.

So sisters and brothers, if you truly love the Lord Your God then you will most definitely dress up for Him. And I promise You that by simply dressing up for Him, you and your family will be greatly Blessed. You will slowly begin to witness an inward change within yourselves, a greater sense of worship and love for the Lord Your God. Amen

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