Posted: July 6, 2019 by CatholicJules in Life's Journeys

Tired after a very hard day at the office then later facing a little drama at home it was really difficult to focus on the mission of being there for someone who was sick. Still I would not be robbed of the desire and resolve to bring the light of Christ with me if I could. To add to the difficulty I got lost using the GPS to navigate my way with Hannah on the bicycle. Praise the Lord we managed to finally reach our destination which took us slightly over half an hour instead of ten minutes had I got it right.

A like minded fellow brother in Christ arrived before me and it was wonderful for us both to see our brother who is still sick, in good spirits. To hear testimony of how his seventy year plus old sister-in law took the time and trouble to care, pray with and help to nurse him back to health; so that his wife can work and tend to their young children. How Blessed indeed we are to have such people in our lives who are not only devoted to Christ but in following Him by their mercy and love put into action.

Thank you Lord for the opportunity to pray for our brother and may your mighty healing hand be upon Him. Bless his family and keep them in your loving care. Amen

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