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Dressed for service for God and for Community.

Posted: January 5, 2020 by CatholicJules in Life's Journeys

Most ministries especially the liturgical ones have a dress code and for very good reasons. Quite often, though members refuse to adhere or try to intepret what was laid out if the dress code is not specific or detailed enough. Some insist on pictures to go with the guide. Question is why? Whom is it that you serve?

A brother in Christ recently shared that on his recent trip to a certain country for holiday, the extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion were in shorts when they gave out the body of Christ! When did service of God or community become one of personal comfort, convienience or practicality?

Those serving in liturgical ministries you are all Stewards of the Banquet and so are set apart for service. Just as priests put on their vestments, friars their robes, nuns their habits we are dressed in our Sunday best to honour, worship, adore the Lord and lead others into the sacred at Holy Eucharist! Men dress up as men ready to go serve! Most parishes would prescribe dark colour slacks, white long sleeve shirt, tie, leather dress shoes and SOCKS. NOT black jeans passing off as slacks and certainly not loafers but leather shoes preferably black. Perhaps there can be a fund set aside for those who cannot afford this basics. Those who can certainly afford it, should not come in worn leather shoes. Women should embrace their feminity and dress up as women, ensuring they are modestly dressed after the heart of our Blessed Mother. Outside of the liturgy they can dress as they deem fit again prayerfully after the heart of Blessed Mother. It is not about uniformity but rather conformity. We are declaring our unity as one Body In Christ.

This is a clear example of what I’m speaking of… A few years back while I was serving as EMHC at the 9:15am all my fellow brothers came appropriately dressed unlike some from the other mass timings where individualism was their thing. For the ladies we did not say a word on how they should dress other than they should be properly attired and modestly so. After a while almost all save for one came in black skirts below knee level, white long sleeve blouses which complimented the dressing of their fellow brothers in Christ serving. We were truly one and it felt really good because we served with one heart as well. I am very pleased to see that today all the EMHC brothers and sisters serving the 915am group are still appropriately dressed!

I know this topic can be sensitive and uncomfortable for some, but perhaps even if you disagree you might be open to reconsider your position on this…

Let us offer the gold of our hearts, in honour of our Lord of Lord, King of Kings. The incense of our prayers and our dressing up in worship, adoration and praise of the Lord our God. The myrrh of our humanity, in dying of self, especially pride; embracing humility to love and serve Him all the days of our lives