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If we reflect deeply on our lives what most of us will see is that our pride prevented us from entering into a deep personal relationship with Jesus. Pride which goes by many names, foolish, silly, empty, arrogant, narcissistic to name a few. We thought to ourselves, we have all the time in the world and If there is somehow a need for religion or faith we will explore that later in life. We thought we knew better than anyone and everyone else. Even in our darkest moments we might have said, “I will overcome this on my own, I don’t need anyone!” Are we to lose everything and all hope before we turn our sights to the Lord our God?

Let us humble ourselves today! And turn to the loving gaze of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. Let us kneel as we cry out to Him,” Lord Jesus have mercy and heal us, take away our sins and make us whole.” For He who is loving and faithful will hear and answer our prayer. Amen

First reading

2 Kings 25:1-12 ·The sack of Jerusalem and the final deportationIn the ninth year of Zedekiah’s reign, in the tenth month, on the tenth day of the month, Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon came with his whole army to attack Jerusalem; he pitched camp in front of the city and threw up earthworks round it. The city lay under siege till the eleventh year of King Zedekiah. In the fourth month, on the ninth day of the month, when famine was raging in the city and there was no food for the populace, a breach was made in the city wall. At once, the king made his escape under cover of dark, with all the fighting men, by way of the gate between the two walls, which is near the king’s garden – the Chaldaeans had surrounded the city – and made his way towards the Arabah. The Chaldaean troops pursued the king and caught up with him in the plains of Jericho, where all his troops deserted. The Chaldaeans captured the king and took him to the king of Babylon at Riblah, who passed sentence on him. He had the sons of Zedekiah slaughtered before his eyes, then put out Zedekiah’s eyes and, loading him with chains, carried him off to Babylon.In the fifth month, on the seventh day of the month – it was in the nineteenth year of Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon – Nebuzaradan, commander of the guard, an officer of the king of Babylon, entered Jerusalem. He burned down the Temple of the Lord, the royal palace and all the houses in Jerusalem. The Chaldaean troops who accompanied the commander of the guard demolished the walls surrounding Jerusalem. Nebuzaradan, commander of the guard, deported the remainder of the population left behind in the city, the deserters who had gone over to the king of Babylon, and the rest of the common people. The commander of the guard left some of the humbler country people as vineyard workers and ploughmen.


Matthew 8:1-4‘If you want to, you can cure me’After Jesus had come down from the mountain large crowds followed him. A leper now came up and bowed low in front of him. ‘Sir,’ he said ‘if you want to, you can cure me.’ Jesus stretched out his hand, touched him and said, ‘Of course I want to! Be cured!’ And his leprosy was cured at once. Then Jesus said to him, ‘Mind you do not tell anyone, but go and show yourself to the priest and make the offering prescribed by Moses, as evidence for them.’