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On Today’s Gospel

Posted: September 29, 2022 by CatholicJules in Personal Thoughts & Reflections

Yes, indeed Angels are on hand to aid us on our pilgrim journey home. How sad that very few embrace this truth and ask for their help especially the help of their very own guardian angels.

Many a time when facing a potentially dangerous situation or terrible accident I have felt the presence of my guardian angel who helped me avoid it. For instance, I missed a step while looking at my phone and walking down a long flight of steps, and somehow managed to grab hold of the railing. While I twisted my ankle a little, was otherwise unscathed! Praise the Lord! Another incident happened many years back when my canoe capsized, and I wasn’t wearing a life jacket. The sea water was rough and I almost drowned. I drank a fair bit of water and while struggling I stayed afloat with help from an unseen hand; till a friend from another canoe came to lend a hand and passed me my life jacket that was floating in the water. And there have been many other situations over the years.

Today as we celebrate the feast day of these powerful Archangels who are still helping mankind throughout history and even today, let us pray that we all may be reunited in Heaven glorifying the Lord of hosts. Amen

Saints Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, Archangels Pray for us… 

First reading

Daniel 7:9-10,13-14 ·

His robe was white as snow

As I watched:

Thrones were set in place

and one of great age took his seat.

His robe was white as snow,

the hair of his head as pure as wool.

His throne was a blaze of flames,

its wheels were a burning fire.

A stream of fire poured out,

issuing from his presence.

A thousand thousand waited on him,

ten thousand times ten thousand stood before him.

A court was held

and the books were opened.

I gazed into the visions of the night.

And I saw, coming on the clouds of heaven,

one like a son of man.

He came to the one of great age

and was led into his presence.

On him was conferred sovereignty,

glory and kingship,

and men of all peoples, nations and languages became his servants.

His sovereignty is an eternal sovereignty

which shall never pass away,

nor will his empire ever be destroyed.



John 1:47-51

You will see heaven laid open, and the Son of Man

When Jesus saw Nathanael coming he said of him, ‘There is an Israelite who deserves the name, incapable of deceit.’ ‘How do you know me?’ said Nathanael. ‘Before Philip came to call you,’ said Jesus ‘I saw you under the fig tree.’ Nathanael answered, ‘Rabbi, you are the Son of God, you are the King of Israel.’ Jesus replied, ‘You believe that just because I said: I saw you under the fig tree. You will see greater things than that.’ And then he added ‘I tell you most solemnly, you will see heaven laid open and, above the Son of Man, the angels of God ascending and descending.’