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I have often marvelled on how those who walk in the presence of the Lord have a glow about them whether on their faces or their very hearts which sets ours aglow just by being around them or just seeing them from afar. It is always a joy to speak with them and simply to be around them. For me and in no particular order it would be Sister Rosa a nun, Henry a parishioner, St John Paul II, Father Terence, Ivan and Alve.

They have found their treasure in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, His Word is lamp unto their feet. And they carry Him with them from deep within yet His light shines forth through them! No they are far from perfect but they strive for perfection and Holiness  through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Can we be like them? Surely we can for we are all called by Jesus to be Holy as our Heavenly Father is Holy. And if we love His Word and Will for us, and so desire to walk humbly in His presence, we too would have found the treasure and would leave everything behind to live in His Kingdom. We too shall be salt and light in the world. Amen

First reading

Exodus 34:29-35 ·

Moses passes on to the people the orders given by the Lord

When Moses came down from the mountain of Sinai – as he came down from the mountain, Moses had the two tablets of the Testimony in his hands – he did not know that the skin on his face was radiant after speaking with the Lord. And when Aaron and all the sons of Israel saw Moses, the skin on his face shone so much that they would not venture near him. But Moses called to them, and Aaron with all the leaders of the community came back to him; and he spoke to them. Then all the sons of Israel came closer, and he passed on to them all the orders that the Lord had given him on the mountain of Sinai. And when Moses had finished speaking to them, he put a veil over his face. Whenever he went into the Lord’s presence to speak with him, Moses would remove the veil until he came out again. And when he came out, he would tell the sons of Israel what he had been ordered to pass on to them, and the sons of Israel would see the face of Moses radiant. Then Moses would put the veil back over his face until he returned to speak with the Lord.


Matthew 13:44-46

He sells everything he owns and buys the field

Jesus said to the crowds: ‘The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field which someone has found; he hides it again, goes off happy, sells everything he owns and buys the field.

    ‘Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant looking for fine pearls; when he finds one of great value he goes and sells everything he owns and buys it.’