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Easy Prayer For Hard Times…

Posted: October 15, 2010 by CatholicJules in Personal Thoughts & Reflections

“Immaculate Heart Of Mary, I place all my trust in you.”

Fr.John Corapi

Book Description

From the NBC consultant on Vatican Affairs comes an inspiring book that challenges readers to follow Jesus and discover the rich adventure of the Christian faith.

Thomas D. Williams draws on the vast knowledge he’s gained from his own spiritual journey to inspire others in the pursuit of progress. Through his writing, readers will begin to:

– Understand holiness as the true meaning of life
– See prayer not as a duty, but as an opportunity for conversation with God
– Take courage from God’s strength
– Acknowledge their roles in a story larger than themselves
– Learn never to say no to God
– Develop the spiritual disciplines that will ignite an adventurous and exciting relationship with God.

Personal Review

I personally feel that every Catholic should own a copy regardless of whether it may have been written as a ‘beginner’s guide’.  It is beautifully written in a spiritual and yet very down to earth style which makes understanding the principles a breeze. 

Loved the stories, quotes and how the principles are taught through the scripture passages chosen.  It helped me have a greater understanding and appreciation for my own spiritual journey.