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Give A CHRISTmas Gift Which Can Transform Lives

Posted: October 31, 2010 by CatholicJules in Upcoming Events

How would you like to give something much needed by the poor? That is to a child or family suffering in poverty across the globe! 

Example of gifts such as :-

Lesotho –  Two apple trees and Three $11 or $77  trees for 7 children

Mongolia – $20 Winter boots or $100 Winter boots for 5 children

Ethiopia – $94 One goat or $155 One Sheep or $498 A pair of goats and sheep for an orphan

Cambodia – $136 Medical and psychological support for an abused child.

Myanmar – $12 Warm Blanket or $48 Warm blankets for 4 children.

Vietnam – $28 8kg of rice seeds and 5 litres of fresh milk or $140 Rice seeds and fresh milk for 5 children.

Zambia –  $49 One food pack for a month or $245 food packs for 5 children

and more…….

World Vision Singapore is a trusted organisation I support and you can too!

Download this catalogue so that you can give a much needed gift now…

Gifts that Transform Lives!

The GREATEST gift you can ever give to someone is Love and Hope.

In this Life-Changing Gift Catalogue, you will find just that.

Instead of getting expensive gifts for friends that will end up tucked away in a corner of their house, why not give a farm of goats or sheep, which World Vision will deliver to needy orphans so they can enjoy fresh dairy produce and income from selling its offspring? The effects will last a lifetime!

As you give, you can be sure that someone’s life on the other side of the world is changing for the better because of you. May you find great joy in your heart as you give, and thank you for giving these children a reason to smile.

For a whole list of other contributions which you can pay online click HERE