Witness To The Grace/s Of God

Posted: December 4, 2010 by julesplife in Life's Journeys, Memory Book

Just wanted to list some if not as many….of the times I encountered/witness His great love for us on a personal level. I sincerely doubt if I’ll ever forget them, but then again I am only human with a body and mind that was not built to last my whole human lifetime.

I’ve listed a few already in some of my entries in the past…..here are the newer ones

  • Prayer for Cynthia’s mother
  • Prayer for Mae Ann’s Dad
  • Prayer for a couple I’ve never met who lost a young daughter to HMFD.
  • Call for a young man to our faith and another to comeback ‘Home’.
  • Reaching out to two daughters who strayed/stayed away from the faith.
  • Peace at Home from a very trying disagreement.
  • Intervention of a wayward act i.e. the overboard public display of affections by a young teenage couple on the train. 
  • Help with my missing crucifix link.
  • Help with a plumbing incident.
  • Personal healing
  • Seth’s healing from a stomach flu attack.
  • Help with understanding Scripture.

Will share in detail with anyone who asks…..

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