7 Advent Stations

Posted: December 5, 2010 by julesplife in Life's Journeys, Memory Book, Personal Thoughts & Reflections

What are the Advent Stations?

The Advent Stations take us on a tour of the Old Testament.  Like the traditional Lenten Stations of the Cross, these Advent “stations” or “stopping points” provide a way to ponder the mystery of how God prepared the world to receive his Son at the moment of Annunciation.  Each station contains an Old Testament foreshadowing of the incarnation, a meditation, the New Testament fulfillment in Christ, and then a prayer.  They can be prayed alone, or with you family, or even in the church with a group of the faithful.

Join me as we prepare ourselves for the coming of our Lord, Jesus.

The 7 Adventstations (Click Here)

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