(Meditation) God Present In The Mustard Seed

Posted: January 29, 2011 by CatholicJules in Memory Book

  It is often said that God is in everything by his essence, presence, and power.  To understand this, we must grasp that someone is said to be in everything which is subject to him by his power, just as the king is said to be in the whole kingdom which is subject to him, without really being there in his presence and essence.  Through his presence, someone is said to be in all realities that are under his gaze, as the king is said to be through his presence in his palace.  But someone is said to be in realities through his essence, which is his substance, as the king is [in his own individuality] in a single, determined place.

  We say that God is everywhere in the world by his power, because everything is subject to him – “If I ascend to the heavens, you are there…if I take the wings of the dawn and dwell in the utmost ends of the sea, there too your hand guide me and your right hand shall hold me fast (Ps 139:8). God is also everywhere by his presence, for “everything in the world is naked and open to his sight” (Heb 4:13).  Finally, God is everywhere by his essence, for its essence is what it most intimate in every reality…Now God created and preserves all things according to the act of being in each reality.  And since the act of being is what is most intimate in each reality, it is manifest that God is in all realities by his essence, through which he creates them.

Saint Thomas Acquinas


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