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The Process Of Spiritual Growth

Posted: January 29, 2012 by CatholicJules in Meditations, Memory Book

     It is important for the process of spiritual growth that you don’t just pray and study your faith at times when it happens to cross your mind, when it suits you, but that you observe some discipline…. I should say, never begin with thinking alone.  For if you try to pull God toward you in the laboratory of rational thought and to attach him to you in what is to some extent a purely theoretical fashion, you find you can’t do it.  You always have to combine the questions with action.  Pascal once said to an unbelieving friend: Start by doing what believers do, even if it still makes no sense to you… You can never look for faith in isolation; it is only found in an encounter with people who believe, who can understand you, who have perhaps come by way of a similar situation themselves, who can in some way lead you and help you.  It is always among us that faith grows.  Anyone who wants to go it alone has thus got it wrong from the very start.


Pope Benedict XVI