Personal Reflection On

Posted: July 18, 2012 by CatholicJules in Personal Thoughts & Reflections

Today’s Reading And Gospel

First reading
Isaiah 10:5-7,13-16
Matthew 11:25-27

Personal Reflection

“Does the axe claim more credit than the man who wields it,
or the saw more strength than the man who handles it?
It would be like the cudgel controlling the man who raises it,
or the club moving what is not made of wood!”

Do we acknowledge God’s hand presence in our lives? Do we give Him glory for His marvellous deeds? Or are we too arrogant to think our wisdom, our strength and our ‘fearlessness’ is what it takes to succeed in every aspect of our life? We can choose to participate in His plan for us and witness true greatness…..

In today’s Gospel we are reminded of how much Jesus loves us, and that He opened His heart to us revealing His Father’s united love. He calls us children because He has faith in our purity of heart and our openness to learn and grow in faith. On the contrary the ‘great’ and the ‘wise’ are too full of themselves to learn anything.

Which one are we here? Mere Children? or are we the learned and the clever?

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