Joyful Mystery 2

Posted: December 22, 2015 by CatholicJules in Meditations, Personal Thoughts & Reflections

## The Visitation

+ Am I fully alive in my faith and joy that I am eager to share the good news and be there to share in the good news of others?

+ Do I make each journey with the mind of being of service to others and for the Lord?

+ Do my voice and presence resonate with that of Jesus? Do I carry with me His presence to all I meet? Do I bring His peace and joy with me?

+ Do I recognise that new life already begins in the womb? And is sacred to God.

+ Do I acknowledge Mary’s special and unique role in God’s plan for our salvation? That she is indeed our Mother and the Mother of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ.

+ Like my Blessed Mother do I magnify the Holy Trinity in my life, in my words, my actions and in my very being.

+ Do I make sacrifices of time and effort to build relationships centred on Christ?

Dearest Mother Mary, be with me always to purify my thoughts, words and actions. Let whatever I do be pleasing to you as it will be pleasing to God. Amen

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