Prouderstill Son

Posted: March 7, 2016 by CatholicJules in Personal Thoughts & Reflections

Everyone knows the story about the prodigal son. But what about his prouder still son? The elder one? What was wrong with him?

+ Based on Jewish law and traditions the eldest son would get 2/3 of everything upon his father’s passing while 1/3 would be shared among the rest of the family members. Which in this instance would be everything for this elder son.

+ He was disrespectful to his Father when he said “your son” instead of addressing his younger brother as such. And refusing to come in at the request of his father.

+ He accuses his brother of whom he obviously does not care for, of having fraternized with harlots though there was no mention of it. So perhaps he himself fantasized about doing so.

+ He whines about not been given anything by his father but who then fed, clothed and sheltered him? And provided for whatever else he needed?

+ he obviously does not see himself as part of the family, as his father’s son but as someone who deserves more for doing more.

This part of the lesson was targeted at the Pharisees and scribes who’s theology was that if all sinners would just be obedient and follow the laws for just half an hour. The Messiah would come or rather show himself as promised. And so they detested all sinners whom they saw as the ones preventing the coming of the Messiah.

In their hardness of hearts how could they see that the Messiah had come? It was Jesus who sat and dined with sinners.

In this story the merciful Father who represents our merciful Father in heaven is inviting the sinner to come and partake of the heavenly feast. To be reconciled with both his brother and Father. And what does the elder son do? He refuses to go in! Just like the Pharisees and scribes who rejected Jesus. Are we then any different? Are we merciful towards our brethren? Especially those who have sinned against us?

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