LTW Community

Posted: September 24, 2016 by CatholicJules in Life's Journeys

Those of you thinking of starting your own neighbourhood or small Christian communites may want to consider some or all of these….

Sharing with you a little on our SCC which is now five years old.

​💟Living The Word Community💟
We are a community built upon the rock which is Christ Jesus. Our foundation is one of faith, trust, humility, love and accountability to one another.

Here are the rules we live by:

1. Our Community belongs to the Holy Trinity.

2. We come together to pray as one, break the Word and strive to live the Word in our daily lives.

3. We make ourselves present not for ourselves but for one another. (Ecclesial)

4. Wherever we are gathered together, we are gathered in Jesus’s name and the ground we are gathered upon becomes sacred ground for open sharing.

5. We bring something to the table no matter how little or small to share in fellowship.

6. We are outward looking always seeking to share with others the love and fraternal bonds we have grown into by the grace of God our Father.

7. We work to deepen our faith by learning and sharing with one another what we have learnt. Our desire to grow never ends.

8. We are a community that affirms one another and encourages one another to use the gifts and charisms we have been given.

9. We must continually renew ourselves in Jesus through the frequent reception of the sacraments of reconciliation and Holy Eucharist.

10. We are one body in Christ. Something which we must always ponder deeply over and hold dear to our hearts. Especially during trials and challenges. The cross we bear is the cross of Christ our Saviour.

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