Adoring The Lord

Posted: October 26, 2016 by CatholicJules in Life's Journeys

About a month back I received a prompting of sorts to lead an Adoration session whereby the group would come together to give thanks praise and deeper worship without asking a single petition. In my mind I had planned it to be meditative, reflective and combined with Taize.

I grew pretty excited about it but could not decide which group to lead first, my LTW community or my EMC Ministry members? After a while I decided to try it out with the latter but learnt that our group was scheduled to run a session only early next year

So while I shelved the idea for a while, I was still trying to figure out the flow in my mind. Then to my great surprise and astonishment I was asked yesterday to lead an adoration session for the facilitators of the on going Life in the Spirit Seminar while the participants went for reconciliation.. I said Yes even though I had not planned every detail and decided to be docile to the promptings of the Holy Spirit.

This evening as I was heading out to dinner first before making my way to church. A thought came to my mind, to bring along tea light candles. So I grabbed a small box of it without checking how many there were and quickly cut up small square sheets of aluminum foil to place them below the candles. Again I didn’t bother to count how many squares I cut as I was in a hurry.

Upon reaching the Church I managed to squeeze in a quick reconciliation for myself before heading on to the Adoration room to setup the candles. Lo and behold I had exactly enough aluminum squares for each candle that was in the box! Praise the Lord!

The Adoration session was wonderful and grace filled to me as I received much consolations throughout. I only pray the participants had the same if not more wonderful experience of the Lord.

Thank You sweet Jesus! All Glory and Praise be Yours alone!

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