On Today’s Gospel 

Posted: February 10, 2017 by CatholicJules in Personal Thoughts & Reflections

Do not give in, do not give up! This should be our mantra when it comes to sin. For the evil one will try all ways even the tiniest form of trickery to get us to fall. If he succeeds in getting us to question the commands of the Lord our God then we are doomed without even realizing it.

Sin on its own may look beautiful, desirable and that is why we are attracted to it. But it’s beauty lies only on the surface, once snared we will experience the darkness. We retreat and hide from the light, the Lord our God. Our hearts are closed to Him, we neither hear His word nor can we praise His Him.

Our hope is in Jesus alone, for He came to redeem us so that we can  be reconciled with God our loving Father. Let us turn to Him with contrite hearts each time we fall into temptation and sin; so that once again our souls, minds, hearts are opened to singing God’s praises, listening to His Word and building His kingdom with joy. Amen

First reading
Genesis 3:1-8

The serpent was the most subtle of all the wild beasts that the Lord God had made. It asked the woman, ‘Did God really say you were not to eat from any of the trees in the garden?’ The woman answered the serpent, ‘We may eat the fruit of the trees in the garden. But of the fruit of the tree in the middle of the garden God said, “You must not eat it, nor touch it, under pain of death.” ‘ Then the serpent said to the woman, ‘No! You will not die! God knows in fact that on the day you eat it your eyes will be opened and you will be like gods, knowing good and evil.’ The woman saw that the tree was good to eat and pleasing to the eye, and that it was desirable for the knowledge that it could give. So she took some of its fruit and ate it. She gave some also to her husband who was with her, and he ate it. Then the eyes of both of them were opened and they realised that they were naked. So they sewed fig-leaves together to make themselves loin-cloths.
The man and his wife heard the sound of the Lord God walking in the garden in the cool of the day, and they hid from the Lord God among the trees of the garden.

Mark 7:31-37

Returning from the district of Tyre, Jesus went by way of Sidon towards the Sea of Galilee, right through the Decapolis region. And they brought him a deaf man who had an impediment in his speech; and they asked him to lay his hand on him. He took him aside in private, away from the crowd, put his fingers into the man’s ears and touched his tongue with spittle. Then looking up to heaven he sighed; and he said to him, ‘Ephphatha’, that is, ‘Be opened.’ And his ears were opened, and the ligament of his tongue was loosened and he spoke clearly. And Jesus ordered them to tell no one about it, but the more he insisted, the more widely they published it. Their admiration was unbounded. ‘He has done all things well,’ they said ‘he makes the deaf hear and the dumb speak.’

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