First Lenten Testimony 

Posted: March 3, 2017 by CatholicJules in Personal Thoughts & Reflections

The Lord our God is simply amazing! I have been overwhelmed lately with everything that has been going on in my life. With lots of work at the office, stuff at home and lots of preparation and brain sailing sessions for Church.

And because of this I totally overlooked that I had a Lent reflection session with the business district community. I only remembered that I had another session in the evening with my small Christian community family. Hence I forgot to bring the Lenten booklets and prepare the hymn and stuff. I had even arranged a meeting with someone in the town area to collect some important documents which would mean I would have left the office at about the same time the session was to start. But because we couldn’t agree on an appropriate time that would work for both of us, we had to reschedule.

Only then I realized that I had unread WhatsApp messages. Folks were asking about our session! Praise the Lord I managed to locate the link to download the pdf copy and passed it on. Praise the Lord He sent two new members to join us for the first time. One who heard the announcement for it two days ago and wanted to be part of a community. The other mistakenly thought it was for a lunchtime Eucharist but decided to stay on to join us. Needless to say the sharing was wonderful as everything was Spirit led.

I am still in awe that everything fell into place so smoothly as it could have definitely fallen apart. In fact we are blessed to even have the opportunity to continue with our Lenten journey together; because I didn’t think we had funds for the room booking. Reason being we had to forgo two Eucharistic Celebrations as we were not being able to secure a venue for them. So truly the Lord will surely provide for His flock who call upon Him. Amen

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