2nd Week of Lent Sharing 

Posted: March 8, 2017 by CatholicJules in Personal Thoughts & Reflections

Praise the Lord! I feel called to share this even though I still do not know what it means…

First being a dress down day in the office, I wore my black polo tee purchased last year in support of the newly built Church of The Transfiguration.

As I had to deposit some cash at Punggol branch I took a bus and stopped at Soon Teck station and was surprised to see the Church of the Transfiguration! Never knew it was at that location.

Then on the bus ride back to the office, I did a check to see the scripture passages we would be doing tonight for our Lent reflection session which is this coming Sundays readings and the Gospel is on the Transfiguration of Jesus!

To top it all, last Friday when I mentioned that I had to reschedule meeting someone, and it cleared the afternoon so that I could get to the reflection session with the business district folks of which I had forgotten… Well that meeting with the person was rescheduled yesterday and because of it I had to do the deposit today!

Perhaps the Lord is pointing out to me to share that as we journey closer to Him this Lent, we too will be transfigured in Him. Amen

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