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On Today’s Gospel 

Posted: October 19, 2017 by CatholicJules in Personal Thoughts & Reflections

Persecutions for our faith can take many forms. Today it can be in the start of a rumour mill against someone or group trying to serve in church. It can be in a ‘truth’ passed on to those who have no right to it and done to discredit another. It can be in the brushing off of someone trying to encourage us grow into a deeper relationship with Christ. Some may even interpret the law of the Church in one way as to point out an ‘error’ of another. There are many more varied and perhaps even subtle ways. All these coming from within the body of Christ? How can this be you may ask? Seems nobler when persecutions for our faith comes from unbelievers!

Sadly most of these persecutors fail to realise they inadvertently persecute Christ Jesus Himself. And so lose any relationship they might with Him. We need to pray for them so they may see the error of their ways and be reconciled to God.

On our part, let us remain steadfast and build our faith upon our rock Jesus Christ; Lord of all nations. Amen

First reading
Romans 3:21-30

God’s justice that was made known through the Law and the Prophets has now been revealed outside the Law, since it is the same justice of God that comes through faith to everyone, Jew and pagan alike, who believes in Jesus Christ. Both Jew and pagan sinned and forfeited God’s glory, and both are justified through the free gift of his grace by being redeemed in Christ Jesus who was appointed by God to sacrifice his life so as to win reconciliation through faith. In this way God makes his justice known; first, for the past, when sins went unpunished because he held his hand, then, for the present age, by showing positively that he is just, and that he justifies everyone who believes in Jesus.
So what becomes of our boasts? There is no room for them. What sort of law excludes them? The sort of law that tells us what to do? On the contrary, it is the law of faith, since, as we see it, a man is justified by faith and not by doing something the Law tells him to do. Is God the God of Jews alone and not of the pagans too? Of the pagans too, most certainly, since there is only one God.

Luke 11:47-54

Jesus said: ‘Alas for you who build the tombs of the prophets, the men your ancestors killed! In this way you both witness what your ancestors did and approve it; they did the killing, you do the building.
‘And that is why the Wisdom of God said, “I will send them prophets and apostles; some they will slaughter and persecute, so that this generation will have to answer for every prophet’s blood that has been shed since the foundation of the world, from the blood of Abel to the blood of Zechariah, who was murdered between the altar and the sanctuary.” Yes, I tell you, this generation will have to answer for it all.
‘Alas for you lawyers who have taken away the key of knowledge! You have not gone in yourselves, and have prevented others going in who wanted to.’
When he left the house, the scribes and the Pharisees began a furious attack on him and tried to force answers from him on innumerable questions, setting traps to catch him out in something he might say.