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Why Sign Up for LISS?

Posted: August 26, 2018 by CatholicJules in Life's Journeys, Personal Thoughts & Reflections

Why you should sign up for LISS? – Life in the Spirit Seminar

**LIFE** – The promise of new life lived in our Risen Lord Jesus Christ.

**IN** – An opportunity in a sense to be re-immersed in the waters of baptism where we are renewed and sanctified. Where we rediscover the great love of God our Father in which we became His children and are so loved by Him. And we open our hearts and mind to His call to Holiness.

**THE SPIRIT** – In the journey ahead with willing hearts and open minds you will begin an ever loving and deepening relationship with the third person of the Holy trinity, our God, guide, counselor, the paraclete. He will unlock for us new gifts as well as rekindle the gifts already outpoured by our baptism. So that we can bear greater fruits centred on God’s love for us all.