On Welcoming…

Posted: October 10, 2018 by CatholicJules in Life's Journeys

Peace Be With You
Welcoming community of CPS Changi

Peace be with you somehow does not come easy for me

Julian repeating it so much since I started meeting him at the reflection sessions started making it easy for me to repeat the greeting in return …

Standing at the entrance to our EC room – this weekly tabernacle of our Lord – greeting Peace Be With You to the community felt strangely comforting – the welcome we gave was returned warmly by most, who smiled brightly too – communion of saints

And many you could see, who wanted to dive straight into the tabernacle of the Lord for solace comfort strength – snapped out momentarily of the “stupor”, perchance feeling welcomed.

I would do it again because we are building the community here and over time we would start recognising faces, going beyond pleasantries, greeting each other by name and God willing, have a deeper relationship with each other in this CPS Changi Community and Ephraim SCC.

Jude-Maria (Meng)

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