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On Today’s Gospel

Posted: November 23, 2019 by CatholicJules in Personal Thoughts & Reflections
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As we draw closer to the end of the liturgical calendar for the year and begin preparations for Advent, let us take a moment to reflect on how have we lived out the year? And what if tomorrow never came for us? Are we ready to meet our Lord this very day?

Some very clear signs of whether we are living in the light of our Risen Lord is that we have peace, love and joy in our hearts. We look forward to each day with all its trials and challenges knowing that our Lord is present with us through it all. If and when we fall we turn swiftly back to His loving embrace and are reconciled. For we cherish our union with Him above all. We live out our lives in the service of our Lord and of our brethren.

If the above is not our experience then what is? Are we living with regret? With guilt and shame? With anxiety? Dread and fear of facing tomorrow’s emptiness? Discontent with our lives, always searching and hoping for more. Unable to sit still always on the move. Inward looking only striving to be more, achieve more for yourself in the guise that you are doing so for your immediate family. Church and community is an afterthought if there is any at all.

Sisters and brothers, if we do not strive to love our Lord and our brethren in all our imperfections then how can we have hope to love Him and our brethren perfectly in Heaven? For if we are true believers of Christ Jesus our Lord, then our only goal is to be with Him in paradise. Holiness through Christ is what we must seek always.

Jesus, Son of the living God have mercy on me a sinner. Amen

First reading

1 Maccabees 6:1-13 ·
‘I remember the wrong I did in Jerusalem’

King Antiochus was making his way across the upper provinces; he had heard that in Persia there was a city called Elymais, renowned for its riches, its silver and gold, and its very wealthy temple containing golden armour, breastplates and weapons, left there by Alexander son of Philip, the king of Macedon, the first to reign over the Greeks. He therefore went and attempted to take the city and pillage it, but without success, since the citizens learnt of his intention, and offered him a stiff resistance, whereupon he turned about and retreated, disconsolate, in the direction of Babylon. But while he was still in Persia news reached him that the armies that had invaded the land of Judah had been defeated, and that Lysias in particular had advanced in massive strength, only to be forced to turn and flee before the Jews; these had been strengthened by the acquisition of arms, supplies and abundant spoils from the armies they had cut to pieces; they had overthrown the abomination he had erected over the altar in Jerusalem, and had encircled the sanctuary with high walls as in the past, and had fortified Bethzur, one of his cities. When the king heard this news he was amazed and profoundly shaken; he threw himself on his bed and fell into a lethargy from acute disappointment, because things had not turned out for him as he had planned. And there he remained for many days, subject to deep and recurrent fits of melancholy, until he understood that he was dying. Then summoning all his Friends, he said to them, ‘Sleep evades my eyes, and my heart is cowed by anxiety. I have been asking myself how I could have come to such a pitch of distress, so great a flood as that which now engulfs me – I who was so generous and well-loved in my heyday. But now I remember the wrong I did in Jerusalem when I seized all the vessels of silver and gold there, and ordered the extermination of the inhabitants of Judah for no reason at all. This, I am convinced, is why these misfortunes have overtaken me, and why I am dying of melancholy in a foreign land.’


Luke 20:27-40
In God all men are alive

Some Sadducees – those who say that there is no resurrection – approached Jesus and they put this question to him, ‘Master, we have it from Moses in writing, that if a man’s married brother dies childless, the man must marry the widow to raise up children for his brother. Well then, there were seven brothers. The first, having married a wife, died childless. The second and then the third married the widow. And the same with all seven, they died leaving no children. Finally the woman herself died. Now, at the resurrection, to which of them will she be wife since she had been married to all seven?’
Jesus replied, ‘The children of this world take wives and husbands, but those who are judged worthy of a place in the other world and in the resurrection from the dead do not marry because they can no longer die, for they are the same as the angels, and being children of the resurrection they are sons of God. And Moses himself implies that the dead rise again, in the passage about the bush where he calls the Lord the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob. Now he is God, not of the dead, but of the living; for to him all men are in fact alive.’
Some scribes then spoke up. ‘Well put, Master’ they said – because they would not dare to ask him any more questions.