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Are we ready?

Posted: November 24, 2019 by CatholicJules in Life's Journeys

As we are closing in to the end of the liturgical year, I have been reflecting on whether I had been living in the light of Christ and have been asking those around me to do the same. Are we prepared for the 2nd coming of our Lord? Have we stayed awake? Advent is afterall a reminder and time of preparation. Have we led others closer to Jesus Christ our Lord? How do others see us?

I was hoping to have some honest opinions of what others thought about me without being so bold as to open my mouth to ask them. And I certainly didn’t want to rely on my opinion of myself. Well it was great to have unsolicited affirmation subtly as it may be….

On Friday even though my LISS group is only halfway through their LISS Journey, the group members shared some powerful testimonies on their much deeper encounter with our Lord Jesus Christ. And they were thankful for the guidance received.

Last night at a friend’s birthday party and a high school reunion of sorts, a girl friend I have not seen in a few years said this of me and asked this rather humorous question. She said that she never forgot how mischievous I was in school and now through all my Facebook posts and from what she’s heard of me through others, she was wondering if I was a pastor of sorts or at least heading in that direction. I told that we Catholics have priests who are celibate but that didn’t mean we could not have lay persons who are engaged in some form of pastoral care. That being said I was happy to share briefly my own conversion story and that no I am not a pastor.

This morning at our Steward’s reflection session on the readings for Christ the King, a very dear sister in Christ mentioned in her sharing that she was very thankful to our Lord to belong in our group and that another sister in Christ and myself were instrumental in her deepening of faith. Praise the Lord!

Then I rushed off to one of my God daughters, daughter’s baptism. Yup I’m actually not young anymore *chuckles* anyhow it was nice to receive a compliment from a lady I didn’t know who was waiting outside the church on how nice my tie was. Told her that the image of Christ was that of Christ the King. She asked if I had bought it specially for the solemnity. I simply told her no I didn’t because Christ is King all the time! *winks*
As we were seated a guy came up beside me and said hi and that he was a parishioner from my church. He then enquired as to where my rosary was which puzzled me a little. He then explained that he usually sees me with a rosary in my hand. Later at the post baptism reception I was asked by an aunty if I could bless the food. Told her that I could only lead in grace before meals and would be happy to lead, but I saw there was an uncle in the family who should rightly have the honour to do so.

Looking back I have indeed come a long way, and still there is a long way more to go. I humbly ask for your prayers… 🙏 ❤️