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O Jesus my Lord rebuke my selfish, self centred heart! For I know it is for love of me that You seek to correct the errors of my waywardness and thoughts. Change my heart O Lord, make me more like You.

Through Your eyes I now see that my service in Church and outside was serving my own need to do so. For were I serving in faith and love of You; then there would be no impatience, no hidden want of affirmation or gratitude, no fear of lack of funds or support, no judgement on the attitude of others and so on. Change my heart O Lord, make me more like You.

May my faith in You Lord, be seen, heard and felt through my love put into action for You and my brethren. Amen

First reading
Galatians 5:1-6 ·
It is faith, not the Law, that justifies us

When Christ freed us, he meant us to remain free. Stand firm, therefore, and do not submit again to the yoke of slavery. It is I, Paul, who tell you this: if you allow yourselves to be circumcised, Christ will be of no benefit to you at all. With all solemnity I repeat my warning: Everyone who accepts circumcision is obliged to keep the whole Law. But if you do look to the Law to make you justified, then you have separated yourselves from Christ, and have fallen from grace. Christians are told by the Spirit to look to faith for those rewards that righteousness hopes for, since in Christ Jesus whether you are circumcised or not makes no difference – what matters is faith that makes its power felt through love.

Luke 11:37-41
Give thanks for what you have and it will all be clean

Jesus had just finished speaking when a Pharisee invited him to dine at his house. He went in and sat down at the table. The Pharisee saw this and was surprised that he had not first washed before the meal. But the Lord said to him, ‘Oh, you Pharisees! You clean the outside of cup and plate, while inside yourselves you are filled with extortion and wickedness. Fools! Did not he who made the outside make the inside too? Instead, give alms from what you have and then indeed everything will be clean for you.’