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Holiness for us is not something we strive for some of the time, on Sundays or at certain times, but at all times every day. And on our journey towards greater holiness we must be life giving in all aspects our lives. In our words, deeds even in our sexuality. Sex in itself is pure, a gift to further life. It encourages and gives life. Like all things when not ordered towards the Lord our God can be distorted! Therefore we are reminded in today’s first reading that we must order our lives such that we live as children of light in our Lord Jesus Christ. To honour God our Heavenly Father by living in His love always.

We have a loving saviour who seeks to free us from all our bondages of sin and evil. Christ our Lord, will always restore us to fullness of life in Him whenever we turn our hearts towards Him. By His loving example in Today’s Gospel, there is no good time to do good; we must do good all the time and at every opportunity. Afterall God is good all the time! Amen

First reading
Ephesians 4:32-5:8
Follow Christ by loving as he loved you

Be friends with one another, and kind, forgiving each other as readily as God forgave you in Christ.
    Try, then, to imitate God as children of his that he loves and follow Christ loving as he loved you, giving himself up in our place as a fragrant offering and a sacrifice to God. Among you there must be not even a mention of fornication or impurity in any of its forms, or promiscuity: this would hardly become the saints! There must be no coarseness, or salacious talk and jokes – all this is wrong for you; raise your voices in thanksgiving instead. For you can be quite certain that nobody who actually indulges in fornication or impurity or promiscuity – which is worshipping a false god – can inherit anything of the kingdom of God. Do not let anyone deceive you with empty arguments: it is for this loose living that God’s anger comes down on those who rebel against him. Make sure that you are not included with them. You were darkness once, but now you are light in the Lord; be like children of light.

Luke 13:10-17
Was it not right to untie this woman’s bonds on the sabbath day?

One sabbath day Jesus was teaching in one of the synagogues, and a woman was there who for eighteen years had been possessed by a spirit that left her enfeebled; she was bent double and quite unable to stand upright. When Jesus saw her he called her over and said, ‘Woman, you are rid of your infirmity’ and he laid his hands on her. And at once she straightened up, and she glorified God.
    But the synagogue official was indignant because Jesus had healed on the sabbath, and he addressed the people present. ‘There are six days’ he said ‘when work is to be done. Come and be healed on one of those days and not on the sabbath.’ But the Lord answered him. ‘Hypocrites!’ he said ‘Is there one of you who does not untie his ox or his donkey from the manger on the sabbath and take it out for watering? And this woman, a daughter of Abraham whom Satan has held bound these eighteen years – was it not right to untie her bonds on the sabbath day?’ When he said this, all his adversaries were covered with confusion, and all the people were overjoyed at all the wonders he worked.