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Posted: June 15, 2021 by CatholicJules in Personal Thoughts & Reflections
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Many of us do not know what it is like to suffer poverty, waking each day wondering if there will be food on the table for us and for our loved ones. And so we go about business each day as we would every other day. If we are hungry, thirsty we just get ourselves something to eat and drink or simply have it delivered at our convenience. Do we spare a thought for others? Yes surely we will do so for our family, and from time to time, maybe the colleague at the office. But what about the poor?

You know I am often baffled by the generosity of those who struggle to put food on the table. Even with what little they have they are willing to share with someone else in need. And are just as hospitable to those who are not! Perhaps that is why Jesus is closest to those who are poor. St Paul reminds us today to dwell on the love of our Lord when he says, ” Remember how generous the Lord Jesus was: he was rich, but he became poor for your sake, to make you rich out of his poverty.”

Abba Father in Heaven, You love Your Children equally. Just as You cause the sun to rise on us so too does rain fall on us all. Give me the heart of Your Son my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, so that I may love my brethren as You Father want me to. Amen

First reading

2 Corinthians 8:1-9 ·

The Lord Jesus was rich but became poor for your sake

Now here, brothers, is the news of the grace of God which was given in the churches in Macedonia; and of how, throughout great trials by suffering, their constant cheerfulness and their intense poverty have overflowed in a wealth of generosity. I can swear that they gave not only as much as they could afford, but far more, and quite spontaneously, begging and begging us for the favour of sharing in this service to the saints and, what was quite unexpected, they offered their own selves first to God and, under God, to us.

    Because of this, we have asked Titus, since he has already made a beginning, to bring this work of mercy to the same point of success among you. You always have the most of everything – of faith, of eloquence, of understanding, of keenness for any cause, and the biggest share of our affection – so we expect you to put the most into this work of mercy too. It is not an order that I am giving you; I am just testing the genuineness of your love against the keenness of others. Remember how generous the Lord Jesus was: he was rich, but he became poor for your sake, to make you rich out of his poverty.


Matthew 5:43-48

Pray for those who persecute you

Jesus said to his disciples: ‘You have learnt how it was said: You must love your neighbour and hate your enemy. But I say this to you: love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you; in this way you will be sons of your Father in heaven, for he causes his sun to rise on bad men as well as good, and his rain to fall on honest and dishonest men alike. For if you love those who love you, what right have you to claim any credit? Even the tax collectors do as much, do they not? And if you save your greetings for your brothers, are you doing anything exceptional? Even the pagans do as much, do they not? You must therefore be perfect just as your heavenly Father is perfect.’

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