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Third Sunday Of Easter

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Fire of Love: Scott Hahn Reflects on the Third Sunday of Easter


Acts 5:27–3240–41

Psalm 30:24–611–13

Revelation 5:11–14

John 21:1–19

There are two places in Scripture where the curious detail of a “charcoal fire” is mentioned.

One is in today’s Gospel, where the Apostles return from fishing to find bread and fish warming on the fire.

The other is in the scene in the High Priest’s courtyard on Holy Thursday, where Peter and some guards and slaves warm themselves while Jesus is being interrogated inside (see John 18:18).

At the first fire, Peter denied knowing Jesus three times, as Jesus had predicted (see John 13:3818:15-1825-27). 

Today’s charcoal fire becomes the scene of Peter’s repentance, as three times Jesus asks him to make a profession of love. Jesus’ thrice repeated command “feed My sheep” shows that Peter is being appointed as the shepherd of the Lord’s entire flock, the head of His Church (see also Luke 22:32).

Jesus’ question: “Do you love me more than these?” is a pointed reminder of Peter’s pledge to lay down his life for Jesus, even if the other Apostles might weaken (see John 13:37Matthew 26:33Luke 22:33).

Jesus then explains just what Peter’s love and leadership will require, foretelling Peter’s death by crucifixion (“you will stretch out your hands”).

Before His own death, Jesus had warned the Apostles that they would be hated as He was hated, that they would suffer as He suffered (see Matthew 10:16-19,22John 15:18-2016:2).

We see the beginnings of that persecution in today’s First Reading. Flogged as Jesus was, the Apostles nonetheless leave “rejoicing that they have been found worthy to suffer.”

Their joy is based on their faith that God will change their “mourning into dancing,” as we sing in today’s Psalm. By their sufferings, the know, they will be counted worthy to stand in heaven before “the Lamb that was slain,” a scene glimpsed in today’s Second Reading (see also Revelation 6:9-11).

On Today’s Gospel

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Do not be afraid it is I the Lord Your God, I stand with you in your hour of need and in your struggles. For I am with you always! This message is for you and all who will listen to my Word.

So then having heard His Word for us today, let me ask you…do you belong to a faith community? When was the last time you made yourself available to be in the presence of Jesus in your community? To reflect and share on His Word that gives life, meaning, hope and builds the community of disciples up? How have you contributed to the community by your gifts, talents? Have you given your all for the community you hold dear? Is your community growing in faith and love for one another?

Here is a truth we should reflect on deeply today? How are we One Body in Christ if we do not belong to any community which meets regularly to not only break bread but to share the Word of God? Belonging in a ministry is not the same as being part of a community unless the ministry gathers weekly or at least fortnightly to pray, share the word and strengthen fraternal bonds. We are not meant to remain as individuals saying things like it is between God and I! God knows me and I know Him. If you know God as you say you do then how can you not know that our God is a triune God? Have we forgotten the words of Jesus in John 17:22? ” I have given them the glory that you gave me, that they may be one as we are one.”

O Holy Spirit unite us to Jesus Christ and to His Body. That we may all be One in Him. Amen

First reading

Acts 6:1-7 ·

They elected seven men full of the Holy Spirit

About this time, when the number of disciples was increasing, the Hellenists made a complaint against the Hebrews: in the daily distribution their own widows were being overlooked. So the Twelve called a full meeting of the disciples and addressed them, ‘It would not be right for us to neglect the word of God so as to give out food; you, brothers, must select from among yourselves seven men of good reputation, filled with the Spirit and with wisdom; we will hand over this duty to them, and continue to devote ourselves to prayer and to the service of the word.’ The whole assembly approved of this proposal and elected Stephen, a man full of faith and of the Holy Spirit, together with Philip, Prochorus, Nicanor, Timon, Parmenas, and Nicolaus of Antioch, a convert to Judaism. They presented these to the apostles, who prayed and laid their hands on them.

    The word of the Lord continued to spread: the number of disciples in Jerusalem was greatly increased, and a large group of priests made their submission to the faith.


John 6:16-21

They saw Jesus walking on the lake

In the evening the disciples went down to the shore of the lake and got into a boat to make for Capernaum on the other side of the lake. It was getting dark by now and Jesus had still not rejoined them. The wind was strong, and the sea was getting rough. They had rowed three or four miles when they saw Jesus walking on the lake and coming towards the boat. This frightened them, but he said, ‘It is I. Do not be afraid.’ They were for taking him into the boat, but in no time it reached the shore at the place they were making for.