Missing Wedding Band

Posted: October 3, 2017 by CatholicJules in Life's Journeys

I discovered my wedding ring missing from my finger on Sunday morning. Thinking I must have taken it off for exercise or that it might have got caught in my exercise glove I searched everywhere but could not find it. Would it mean I would have to buy new pairs and have it blessed?

I started to recall when during a prayer session Father Terence had called couples up to the altar and he prayed over us. He asked us to join our left hands and was dismayed to see we weren’t wearing our wedding rings. My excuse then was that I had put on weight and could not put it on. And even after losing the weight I still didn’t care to put it back on. In any case I made it a point thereafter to wear it everyday.

I prayed to St Anthony for help but was resigned to the fact that it might be gone forever.

When to the office on Monday, pulled back my chair and there it was on the floor! How? It must have been lying there from Friday afternoon. Praise the Lord! And thanks to St Anthony….

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