On Today’s Gospel

Posted: November 15, 2017 by CatholicJules in Personal Thoughts & Reflections

There is only one almighty and ever living God who created everything in His love. He has blessed us abundantly. Do we honour, praise and give Him thanks from within? Each and everyday? For the power of true love can only be received with gratitude.

If we are given any power from on high, we are to use it for His glory. To lead one and all accordance to His Will;Especially the least of our brethren. We need to care for and love them as He does. Healing, Peace and love comes from Him alone. For those who come into power will be judged by what they do by the all powerful ever living God.

Thank You Lord, praise You Lord! We love and worship You. With grateful hearts we lift songs of praise to You O Lord our God. Now and forever. Amen

First reading
Wisdom 6:1-11

Listen, kings, and understand; rulers of remotest lands, take warning; hear this, you who have thousands under your rule, who boast of your hordes of subjects.
For power is a gift to you from the Lord, sovereignty is from the Most High; he himself will probe your acts and scrutinise your intentions.

If, as administrators of his kingdom, you have not governed justly nor observed the law, nor behaved as God would have you behave, he will fall on you swiftly and terribly.
Ruthless judgement is reserved for the high and mighty; the lowly will be compassionately pardoned,
the mighty will be mightily punished.
For the Lord of All does not cower before a personage,
he does not stand in awe of greatness, since he himself has made small and great
and provides for all alike;
but strict scrutiny awaits those in power.

Yes, despots, my words are for you, that you may learn what wisdom is and not transgress; for they who observe holy things holily will be adjudged Holy, and, accepting instruction from them, will find their defence in them.
Look forward, therefore, to my words; yearn for them, and they will instruct you.

Luke 17:11-19

On the way to Jerusalem Jesus travelled along the border between Samaria and Galilee. As he entered one of the villages, ten lepers came to meet him. They stood some way off and called to him, ‘Jesus! Master! Take pity on us.’ When he saw them he said, ‘Go and show yourselves to the priests.’ Now as they were going away they were cleansed. Finding himself cured, one of them turned back praising God at the top of his voice and threw himself at the feet of Jesus and thanked him. The man was a Samaritan. This made Jesus say, ‘Were not all ten made clean? The other nine, where are they? It seems that no one has come back to give praise to God, except this foreigner.’ And he said to the man, ‘Stand up and go on your way. Your faith has saved you.’

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