Archive for November 11, 2018

Today is a very blessed day indeed! I wrote a letter to my daughter who turns seven today wishing her and reminding her that Jesus loves her and He will be at her side always. Finished it at 5:30 am before reflecting on this Sunday’s readings once again.

Later the Stewards of the Banquet were meeting at 8:15am for our reflection and prayer session before serving the 9:15am EC.

As I was in the Adoration room, I started reflecting on our Lord’s generosity and love. How He gave up His life for us without reservation. How through the readings we can see through His eyes that it is not what goods we give but the generosity of our love for, with and in Him.

It calls to mind that if we say we love Him with all our heart, mind and strength then what is the expression of that love for Him? How generous are we when it comes to loving our neighbour as a result of our love for Him? Just like both the widows in Today’s readings they gave their all. In the first however Elijah elevates the widow to service and instead of charity she is shown the abundant love and mercy of God. We can even recall in a different reading how Jesus showed His great love and mercy to another widow; the widow of nain.

Last night Fr Julian opened our eyes to see another great and wonderful widow of love. Our Blessed Mother Mary. She was very likely already a widow at the wedding feast at Cana when she interceded for the wedding couple. The exchange between Jesus and His mother can be seen in a new light when He told her that His hour was not up. He was the sole bread winner after his father Joseph’s death and watched over his mother by his carpentry. Who will provide for her once he goes on his mission? Mary in faith knew that the almighty and loving Father in heaven will never abandon her and will provide for all that she needs. And so in her instruction to the servants to do as her son tells them, she is giving her all!

Before I left the room another inspiration came to mind. How are we husbands loving our wives? How are we leading them closer to God? How are we leading them to heaven? Are we spiritually dead and have left them as widows?

After a wonderful session in reflection and prayer we gathered outside the foyer to pray as one before the EC with our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. EMHCs, cantor, Stewards of the Banquet and altar servers. Almost twenty of us! Praise the Lord!

We also started praying together today, at the very end of the Eucharistic Celebration; though we will need to encourage more to stay back to do so. Praise the Lord for surely our fraternal bonds will continue to grow. Amen