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Year C Reflections

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Beautiful reflections from verbum dei.

Year C Daily Reflections

On Today’s Gospel

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Time if you have it will soon strip you of everything and leave you bare at the very end. Nothing you hold dear in this world will last. Only your relationships with fellow children of God our Father, and the Lord Your God. So then where will you be standing after meeting our Lord Jesus Christ on the day of reckoning? The answer as you’ve been told many times before lies in how you have lived your life. Did you love Him with an your heart, mind and soul? And did you love one another just as He loved you.

While on this pilgrim journey back to Him,Jesus reminds us that the road ahead will not always be easy. We will face trials, challenges even trickery. Most will have to face the indignity of growing old and sick. Some may face war and destruction. Still He is with us through it all. Those who draw close to Him will hear, recognise His voice and follow Him on the right path to paradise. Amen

First reading

Apocalypse 14:14-19
The harvest and the vintage of the earth are ripe

In my vision I, John, saw a white cloud and, sitting on it, one like a son of man with a gold crown on his head and a sharp sickle in his hand. Then another angel came out of the sanctuary, and shouted aloud to the one sitting on the cloud, ‘Put your sickle in and reap: harvest time has come and the harvest of the earth is ripe.’ Then the one sitting on the cloud set his sickle to work on the earth, and the earth’s harvest was reaped.
Another angel, who also carried a sharp sickle, came out of the temple in heaven, and the angel in charge of the fire left the altar and shouted aloud to the one with the sharp sickle, ‘Put your sickle in and cut all the bunches off the vine of the earth; all its grapes are ripe.’ So the angel set his sickle to work on the earth and harvested the whole vintage of the earth and put it into a huge winepress, the winepress of God’s anger.


Luke 21:5-11
The destruction of the Temple foretold

When some were talking about the Temple, remarking how it was adorned with fine stonework and votive offerings, Jesus said, ‘All these things you are staring at now – the time will come when not a single stone will be left on another: everything will be destroyed.’ And they put to him this question: ‘Master,’ they said ‘when will this happen, then, and what sign will there be that this is about to take place?’
‘Take care not to be deceived,’ he said ‘because many will come using my name and saying, “I am he” and, “The time is near at hand.” Refuse to join them. And when you hear of wars and revolutions, do not be frightened, for this is something that must happen but the end is not so soon.’ Then he said to them, ‘Nation will fight against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be great earthquakes and plagues and famines here and there; there will be fearful sights and great signs from heaven.’