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On Today’s Gospel

Posted: November 13, 2018 by CatholicJules in Personal Thoughts & Reflections

What makes people searching turn to the Christian faith? Apart from the truth to be found in our Lord Jesus Christ, it is the Christian way of life. We can thank our dedicated sisters and brothers living out their Christian faith in love and humility that inspired many to enquire more and be led to Jesus.

We all have a higher calling as Christians to constantly say no to sin and the wiles of the world. To live exemplary lives in Christ for one another, so as to beacons of His love. And our light shines most brightly by putting our hands and feet to the service of the least of our brethren.

There is no room for complaint in our hearts as it has been filled to the brim by the overflowing love of the Lord our God. We do not seek recognition or glory for ourselves, our only desire is to glorify the Lord our God by our lives. For our hope is that at the very end, we will dine with Him at the Heavenly Banquet. Amen

First reading

Titus 2:1-8,11-14
You must preach the behaviour which goes with healthy doctrine

It is for you to preach the behaviour which goes with healthy doctrine. The older men should be reserved, dignified, moderate, sound in faith and love and constancy. Similarly, the older women should behave as though they were religious, with no scandal-mongering and no habitual wine-drinking – they are to be the teachers of the right behaviour and show the younger women how they should love their husbands and love their children, how they are to be sensible and chaste, and how to work in their homes, and be gentle, and do as their husbands tell them, so that the message of God is never disgraced. In the same way, you have got to persuade the younger men to be moderate and in everything you do make yourself an example to them of working for good: when you are teaching, be an example to them in your sincerity and earnestness and in keeping all that you say so wholesome that nobody can make objections to it; and then any opponent will be at a loss, with no accusation to make against us. You see, God’s grace has been revealed, and it has made salvation possible for the whole human race and taught us that what we have to do is to give up everything that does not lead to God, and all our worldly ambitions; we must be self-restrained and live good and religious lives here in this present world, while we are waiting in hope for the blessing which will come with the Appearing of the glory of our great God and saviour Christ Jesus. He sacrificed himself for us in order to set us free from all wickedness and to purify a people so that it could be his very own and would have no ambition except to do good.


Luke 17:7-10
You are merely servants

Jesus said to his disciples: ‘Which of you, with a servant ploughing or minding sheep, would say to him when he returned from the fields, “Come and have your meal immediately”? Would he not be more likely to say, “Get my supper laid; make yourself tidy and wait on me while I eat and drink. You can eat and drink yourself afterwards”? Must he be grateful to the servant for doing what he was told? So with you: when you have done all you have been told to do, say, “We are merely servants: we have done no more than our duty.”’