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Of Wheat and Weeds: Scott Hahn Reflects on the Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time


Wisdom 12:13, 16–19
Psalm 86:5–6, 9–10, 15–16
Romans 8:26–27
Matthew 13:24–43

God is always teaching His people, we hear in today’s First Reading.

And what does He want us to know? That He has care for all of us, that though He is a God of justice, even those who defy and disbelieve Him may hope for His mercy if they turn to Him in repentance.

This divine teaching continues in the three parables that Jesus tells in the Gospel today. Each describes the emergence of the kingdom of God from the seeds sown by His works and preaching. The kingdom’s growth is hidden—like the working of yeast in bread; it’s improbable, unexpected—as in the way the tall mustard tree grows from the smallest of seeds.

Again this week’s readings sound a note of questioning: Why does God permit the evil to grow alongside the good? Why does He permit some to reject the Word of His kingdom?

Because, as we sing in today’s Psalm, God is slow to anger and abounding in kindness. He is just, Jesus assures us—evildoers and those who cause others to sin will be thrown into the fiery furnace at the end of the age. But by His patience, God is teaching us—that above all He desires repentance, and the gathering of all nations to worship Him and to glorify His name.

Even though we don’t know how to pray as we ought, the Spirit will intercede for us, Paul promises in today’s Epistle. But first we must turn and call upon Him, we must commit ourselves to letting the good seed of His Word bear fruit in our lives.

So we should not be deceived or lose heart when we see weeds among the wheat, truth and holiness mixed with error, injustice and sin.

For now, He makes His sun rise on the good and the bad (see Matthew 5:45). But the harvest draws near. Let’s work that we might be numbered among the righteous children—who will shine like the sun in the kingdom of the Father.

Everyday there is an on going battle between good and evil. And whether we like it, want it or not this very battle lies within us. Indeed we have the appetite and strength to do evil if we so choose, but we who strive for holiness, to live as children of God our Father; know that nothing on this earth is worth more than our relationship with our loving Father in heaven. And for us the battle is already won for we have our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ who lives and reigns in our hearts.

Gentle, loving and patient is He who comes to give us life to the full. To save us from the crushing weight and burden of our sins when we turn to Him with contrite hearts. Let us then share the hope we have of eternal life with Him with all who will listen. Amen

First reading

Micah 2:1-5 ·The plotters of evil will not escapeWoe to those who plot evil, who lie in bed planning mischief!No sooner is it dawn than they do it – their hands have the strength for it.Seizing the fields that they covet, they take over houses as well, owner and house they confiscate together, taking both man and inheritance.So the Lord says this: Now it is I who plotsuch mischief against this breed as your necks will not escape; nor will you be able to walk proudly, so evil will the time be.On that day they will make a satire on you,sing a dirge and say, ‘We are stripped of everything; my people’s portion is measured out and shared, no one will give it back to them, our fields are awarded to our despoiler.’Therefore you will have no one to measure out a share in the community of the Lord.


Matthew 12:14-21He cured them all but warned them not to make him knownThe Pharisees went out and began to plot against Jesus, discussing how to destroy him. Jesus knew this and withdrew from the district. Many followed him and he cured them all, but warned them not to make him known. This was to fulfil the prophecy of Isaiah:Here is my servant whom I have chosen,my beloved, the favourite of my soul.I will endow him with my spirit, and he will proclaim the true faith to the nations.He will not brawl or shout, nor will anyone hear his voice in the streets.He will not break the crushed reed, nor put out the smouldering wick till he has led the truth to victory: in his name the nations will put their hope.